A Voice of One’s Own

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A Voice of One's Own

ArtsFems curated their first exhibition in March which showcased the work of six student and recent graduate feminist artists and three student and recent graduate feminist zine makers.

The show was a really great success with an estimated 50-60 visitors on our opening night of March 1st, and a further 15-20 visitors per day over the following week. We have some fantastic feedback from people who already considered themselves feminists and from others who had not strongly encountered feminism or art of this nature before. A guestbook was provided for people to leave their thoughts and comments  and some of the loudest feedback was calling for the opportunity to buy editions of some of the works and publications!

We’re hoping to take the exhibition to a space at University of the Arts, London in May, this time incorporating some Q&A sessions and other events.

We must say a massive thank you to Susuana Antubam for allowing us to use The Play House exhibition space at ULU, and to all the artists and zine contributors who were:

Rebecca Bartola; Jūratė Gačionytė ; Sydney Johnson; Tuli Litvak; Catherine Long ; Berta López Diáz; Phillipa Ogden; Viviana Sciara; Liv Thurley

The curation team consisted of:

Aryana Hessami; Sofia Landstrom; Rebecca Livesey-Wright; Krisztina Omoregie; Adriana Rodrigues; Rosie Rynn O’Shea; Scarlett Shaney Langdon; Anika Smit


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